Aldergrove Festival Days Society Presents

Christmas Times a Comin

The Walt Levy
Light Up Aldergrove Contest

Transform the street view of your home or business
into a light-up spectacular - Judging December 6

3 Categories:
Street view of home
Street view of business
Front door of home
(a special contest for children under 12)

Judging December 8
5 Criteria: Creativity, theme, use of space,
use of colour, and emotion (i.e., how it makes you feel)

To register your home, business, or front door, or to nominate someone else’s:

Or drop off the info below at Bob’s Bar ‘N’ Grill, 27083 Fraser Hwy., Aldergrove

Entering is simple – all we need is your: • Category (home, business, or door)
• Contact name Street address Email address Phone number

Dedicated to Walt Levy, a local volunteer and one of the founders of Aldergrove Festival Days' Society.

Winners announced after the Christmas Light-Up Parade on December 8

Not sure about the boundaries of Aldergrove? You’re not alone, and we’re very inclusive! Roughly between 248th and Lefeuvre, the River and the Border – but if you’re slightly beyond that don’t hesitate registering.

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